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How to Restore Wooden Doors


Apr 02

How to Restore Wooden Doors

Do You Need a Door Repair Service to Remove Old Finishes?

Sandblasting wooden doors is a technique used to remove old finishes like varnish, paint, or shellac off wood. Tips and advice on sandblasting wood are the same in terms of what safety precautions to take; however, they differ in the equipment and materials used for each purpose. The process uses an abrasive material, which is applied using force to exposed wood or finish that covers wood, resulting with wood which is completely stripped of all its old paint and ready to be refinished.

Sandblasting wood to make art or signs normally needs r a portable pressure blaster that comes with a hose or hand-held nozzle which will direct the flow of the high pressure abrasive on the door or object a person will be working on. Portable sandblasting consists of air compressors, a reservoir, propulsion system, and a hose with a nozzle. Nozzles come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of a project.

Over the years, dirt and debris will build up on a wooden door, making its beauty dim. Also, depending on the climate, the weather will slowly strip a wooden door of its varnish, and once that happens, moisture will begin to seep in, which will cause the wood to start to warp and rot. In order to perform proper wooden door repair, the above method can be used to strip all the impurities from a door, readying if for another coat of varnish or stain.

When working on a wooden door that is heavily engraved, it is important to use care, as too much pressure will reduce the depth of the engraving or design etched in the wooden door. The nozzle needs to be moved constantly and should never be concentrated on any spot for too long. When using sandblasting equipment, it is vital the user wears protective eye gear because portable units normally do not come equipped with a dust collector.

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