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Restore Your Door Dallas Call us on (214) 380-4154 Mon, 25 Jan 2016 15:38:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How to Restore Wooden Doors Thu, 02 Apr 2015 09:28:37 +0000

Continue reading »]]> Do You Need a Door Repair Service to Remove Old Finishes?

Sandblasting wooden doors is a technique used to remove old finishes like varnish, paint, or shellac off wood. Tips and advice on sandblasting wood are the same in terms of what safety precautions to take; however, they differ in the equipment and materials used for each purpose. The process uses an abrasive material, which is applied using force to exposed wood or finish that covers wood, resulting with wood which is completely stripped of all its old paint and ready to be refinished.

Sandblasting wood to make art or signs normally needs r a portable pressure blaster that comes with a hose or hand-held nozzle which will direct the flow of the high pressure abrasive on the door or object a person will be working on. Portable sandblasting consists of air compressors, a reservoir, propulsion system, and a hose with a nozzle. Nozzles come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of a project.

Over the years, dirt and debris will build up on a wooden door, making its beauty dim. Also, depending on the climate, the weather will slowly strip a wooden door of its varnish, and once that happens, moisture will begin to seep in, which will cause the wood to start to warp and rot. In order to perform proper wooden door repair, the above method can be used to strip all the impurities from a door, readying if for another coat of varnish or stain.

When working on a wooden door that is heavily engraved, it is important to use care, as too much pressure will reduce the depth of the engraving or design etched in the wooden door. The nozzle needs to be moved constantly and should never be concentrated on any spot for too long. When using sandblasting equipment, it is vital the user wears protective eye gear because portable units normally do not come equipped with a dust collector.

So if you are looking for a professional door repair service and live in the Dallas, TX area, all Restore Your Door Dallas at (214) 380-4154 today.

How Does a Front Door Lock Work? Tue, 22 Apr 2014 12:38:15 +0000

Continue reading »]]> How Can Your Doors Installation Influence the Security of Your Home?

If you are not familiar with the types of doors and locks available on the market and need some doors installation help, you should consider calling a contractor you can trust. When it comes to locks and your home security, you cannot just work with any random contractor in Dallas, TX. You need a specialist who is recommended to you. For this reason, you can trust Restore Your Door Dallas without doubts.

This is the company which is the most recommended contractor in town, based on both online reviews and personal references. And today, we will share a few secrets about door locks with you! We will begin with a little bit of history. The Ancient Egyptians were the ones to invent the pin locks about 4,000 years ago. Romans later improved on the large wood pin locks of the Egyptians by making them out of bronze and iron, and reducing the size of the keys. To everyone’s amazement, the basic design of these locks is similar to the modern door locks which we use today.

So, here is how an ordinary front door pin-tumbler lock works:
Pins block rotation – Without a key in the lock the driver pins are pushed downwards by a set of springs, preventing the plug from rotating.
Pins lineup, plug rotates – The correct key will push the key pins up, making both the driver pins and key pins align with the edge of the plug, allowing the plug to rotate. The lock will open when that happens.
Pins do not line up – When an incorrect key is inserted, the key pins and driver pins do not align, preventing the plug from rotating.

Unfortunately, a lock would not always stop an intruder, as if the door is not a solid one he/she may just kick it and enter. If you buy the products of our company or book doors installation help from our professionals, you stand higher chances to secure your property. In order to receive more information about our solid doors or reliable locks, you can contact us at (214) 380-4154!

doors installation

7 Contemporary Leaded Glass Door Designs You Will Love Tue, 12 Nov 2013 11:15:27 +0000

Continue reading »]]> What Type of Stained Glass Can Local Door Suppliers Offer?

Stain leaded glass doors have an antique charm no other material can bring to your home. If you feel more like a European artistic soul, you should definitely consider getting such doors for your home. It will not only impress your guests from the first minute they enter your home but will also bring coziness to it.

Such specialty doors are produced and installed by different door suppliers in Dallas, TX, but if you want a quality leaded glass door to stand the test of time, you should turn to no one else but Restore Your Door Dallas. We can color your entrance with any nuance you choose from our broad palette, and let you choose the leaded glass design you want to have. If you want to enjoy a combination of original wood and glass that will stand the test of time, our company is the answer.

Your home does not need to be in Victorian style, so that you can embed this door type in it. There are plenty of contemporary leaded glass designs that door suppliers can offer. Today we will focus on a few of them:

  1. Geometric patterns of straight lines (rectangles, squares and circles dominating)

  2. Stained glass inspired by nature (with floral motives and green colors) – Representation of trees, flowers, and other natural elements is always a good idea for your front door.

  3. Small scale leaded/stained door accents (usually in the corners of a glass door)

  4. Marine elements (leaded artwork with pictures of the ocean or some big ships are ideal for a summer “hacienda”)

  5. Bold and bright playful shapes – They will definitely give your entrance a unique contemporary look.

  6. Stylish display of your house number – You can order a leaded glass door which has the number of your home written on it in an artistic way.

  7. Too many details – You can never say there are too many colors or details when we speak about stained glass. The more ornamental it is the better impression it will create. Unfortunately the price for such a glass door will be a bit higher as well.

If you want to learn more about your specialty door design options with our company call (214) 380-4154 or visit our office to check out our catalog!

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Wooden Door Market Forecast Thu, 17 Oct 2013 08:42:19 +0000

Continue reading »]]> Avoid Door Repair By Purchasing a Durable Hardwood Interior Door!

There is an upward trend in the demand for quality wooden doors in the home building and remodeling industry. We are speaking, of course, about both interior and exterior doors. This fact is quite surprising, having in mind that there is a recent fall in the home improvement services customer consumption of other decor and renovation products. Despite a higher demand for security this consumer behavior shows that people are now more concerned about aesthetics and durability of the doors around their homes. There is also a recent upsurge in the popularity of unique interior doors.

Today the door repair contractor Restore Your Door Dallas will focus on a few recent facts and future trends in the door production, installation, and repair business. Of course, we can not predict the future of the door business accurately, but we will try to present you a rightful forecast, based on the current statistics.

  • It is estimated that the total demand for doors and windows in the US by 2016 will be $34.2 billion. $10.4 billion of them are projected to be spend on interior wood doors.

  • There are clear prospects of annual 10.2% increasing in the demand for wood doors and windows in the period 2010-2016.

  • The economic reasons for this rise in the demand of doors is the increasing in the new home construction sector, increase in the commercial developments, and the boost in construction spending. The rise of the demand of WOODEN door and windows will increase due to the fact that new design trends aim to highlight wood grain inside the house in the mid-range and high-end housing market. It is now considered a valuable upgrade to have designer door or coordinated wood finishes or grains in high-end homes and office buildings.

Here is actually why wood is so popular:

  • It is naturally warm and elegant

  • It has classical aesthetics

  • Used in entryways, sheltered from the elements

  • Have long-term durability and provide energy-efficiency

When installing a wooden door, you should definitely look for quality materials, If you chose a door which is not very durable or hard to clean and maintain you may often need to book door repair services. If this is your case, then do not hesitate to contact our specialists in Dallas, TX, at (214) 380-4154. we will help you instantly after you call us!

door repair

How to Measure an Exterior Door Mon, 17 Jun 2013 15:46:29 +0000

Continue reading »]]> A short Guide on Measuring the Right Size for the Front door of Your Home

In order to purchase and install an exterior door that will not only match your design requirements but will also fit the opening space well, you will most probably need the help of a reliable local door supplier. If you do not have anyone in mind, however, you will need to learn how to do it yourself. Unfortunately, even the smallest measurement mistake you make can have a great impact on the final result, so you must be extra cautious when doing this.
Don’t save time, do it as many times as necessary, until you are absolutely sure that the numbers you have written down are correct. In order to do this, you will have to consider not only the type of door, but the material it is made of, as well, as some wooden doors, for instance, may shrink or swell over time and not fit the original measurements. Today Restore Your Door Dallas, of Dallas, TX, will give you some professional tips on how to do the right calculations, so you won’t have to make any adjustments afterwards.

1) If your old door fits well, measure it first and write down the numbers. You can do this by measuring the width inside the doorjamb from side to side, first, including the trim on each side. Make sure to take one width measurement at the top, one in the middle and one at the bottom.
2) When you are noting down the measurements, mark them clearly: top, middle, and bottom.
3) The next thing to measure is the width of the door, opening from the inside of the house. Do it in the same manner and write down the 3 measurements for each width.
4) Now measure the height of your old door opening. Do it the following way: from the bottom of the doorsill to the header at the top of the door opening.
5) Finally measure how thick the old door is.

Now you are totally ready to call your door supplier and purchase the type and style of exterior door you want. Call us and we will come out to offer you the options we have in stock. We are just a phone call away!

How to choose tough locks and stylish handles for your home professionals guide to safe and stylish doors Mon, 10 Jun 2013 06:32:33 +0000

Continue reading »]]> Every home needs protection, safety and privacy, while looking good at the same time. That’s why we are here, to introduce you to the world of door handles, locks and security.


Locks and handles come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your need and specification. You can ask your local door supplier for help when it comes to replacing or installing new ones. Door handles can add some glitz to the overall look of the home. They come in various designs depending on the type of door and the room it serves. There are handles for children rooms, bathrooms, front door handles and others. They vary in materials, but the universal, heavy duty ones are usually made of metal. Others may include cast brass, metal sheet, wood and other. Cast brass ones could have copper finishes, nickel or chrome plating, as well as old fashioned finishes.
If you are looking into choosing new handles, contact a door supplier and ask for catalogs or links with samples. That’s the best way to grasp the whole spectrum of options you have for door decoration.

Internal and external door handles differ. External handles are used for doors that get a lot of use and wear, such are all entrances and maybe the kitchen. The most popular handle style in the U.S.A. Is the knob type. It’s main advantage is the locking mechanism – it locks at the same time frame as a door latching mechanism. The other less common type is the lever handle. It’s used by business and government organizations who work with seniors and handicapped people, because the lever handle provides better grip and is easier to operate.

If you have any difficulties picking the right handle and lock for your home’s front door or interior doors, call your local door supplier, he will help you select the best for you. If you are located in Dallas, TX, you don’t have to look any further. Restore Your Door Dallas is the door supplier you can rely on. Reach us at (214) 380-4154.

10 Steps to Refinish a Wooden Painted Door Mon, 03 Jun 2013 10:07:40 +0000

Continue reading »]]> Professional Guide on Door Upgrade Techniques

The most efficient and practical material for household doors is wood, because it is extremely durable and versatile. For this reason most doors in a typical family house in Dallas TX are constructed of wood. In addition, it is worth pointing out that they cost less than plastic or metal doors, which is another reason why many members of the local community keep installing them.

Unfortunately, they do have one major drawback, compared to doors made out of other materials – they wear off easily, i.e. they lose their finish over time and need to be repainted or modified. Refinishing your doors is a good idea when you want to restore their original glow and apply a protective coating to save them from future damage. Restore Your Door Dallas has prepared a short guide for those of you who are interested in performing a refinishing job by themselves. Here are our instructions, we recommend that you follow:
Door handle1) Unhinge the door you want to refinish and carry it to an open, well-ventilated workspace.
2) Remove all of the screws, which are holding the doorknob, in order to disassemble it, because it will only disturb you while you work.
3) Put on a respirator to protect yourself from the paint fumes and sawdust, even if you are working outside.
4) Use a 100-grit sanding sponge to sand the painted door and dull the old finish. This will help the wood absorb the new finish properly and smooth any small scratches on the door surface.
5) Remove all the sawdust, grit and paint residue from the door, after the sanding is over.
6) Use a natural-bristle brush to apply a sanding sealer over the door surface, following the direction of the wood grain.
7) Let the sealer dry completely and then sand again with a thin 280-grit sanding sponge to prepare it for the next step – painting.
8) If you want to use an affordable non-toxic product, you better stick to latex paint. It is available in pretty much every color you can think of, so you can choose a nuance that will fit your interior or exterior home design.
9) Apply two layers of paint, following the grain again.
10) Do not sand the top coat and leave it dry well before you assemble the components of your door and hang it again.

If refinishing doors is not a dream job for you, you can leave the hard work to the professionals and contact our door repair specialists. We are always at your service!

Several door types that will fit in your home Mon, 13 May 2013 06:20:05 +0000

Continue reading »]]> If you are building a new home, or for some reason decide to change a door in it, you will have to choose between a wide variety of brands and models. With that many choices, you could use some help, before you get to the door supplier, in order to decide which door goes where in your home. For your convenience, we offer you a short list of the door types that fit best in a home.

Hinged door

This is the standard door for home interiors. Usually made of wood, this one piece door is good for any of your rooms. It is attached by a hinge and can open in or out. Being made of wood, these doors allow painting and decoration.

Bi folding doors

These are doors that can fold and unfold at your whim. If you want to create an area of privacy in your room, you simply have to unfold the door and you will have it. And the other way around, if you want to enjoy the space that a large room gives, you just fold it back.

Pocket doors

A pocket door works much like a bi folding one. The difference here is that this door actually goes into a special compartment in the wall.

Luan doors

Similar to bi folding and pocket doors, these go sideways. However, Luan doors follow a track and are usually a double door. They can slide behind each other and that way you only get to have half the space open at a certain moment.

French doors

French doors are the type of door that gives you privacy and a feeling of open space at the same time. The most common model is a wooden frame with glass in it. The glass could be tempered or frosted. It could even be clear, however that takes away a part of the privacy.
Patio doors

As the name suggests, these are doors that lead to a patio. They could be any model or size and made of any material.

Exterior doors

Exterior doors can be made of wood, steel or a combination of both, with inserted glass. Depending on your home’s front entrance, these doors can be large, divided in two or in combination with a window. They come in different designs and can be changed further to match the style of your home. Exterior doors are also made to provide security.

Restore Your Door Dallas is a door supplier in the region of Dallas TX. Once you choose which doors are the ones for you, contact us and we will provide for you.

What Are The benefits of Composite Doors? Fri, 19 Oct 2012 21:06:14 +0000

Continue reading »]]> If you are having your front or back doors replaced, but you are not quite sure what type or material to go for, why not look into composite doors?

As a central point of entry to your house, you want a front door that is both inviting and practical; one that is secure and strong, but still makes your visitor or guest feel welcome on arrival. The increasingly popular uPVC door is relatively maintenance-free and cheap, but the issue is that they can look cheap. Glass or wood might be just the option to solve the problem of aesthetics, but they too have their shortcomings. Since glass doors can be easily broken they do not provide much security against potential burglars, while wooden doors demand a lot of maintenance over the years. This involves regular varnishing and painting to keep them weather resistant and prevent warping or rotting, both of which will result in the need for a new doors installation for your Dallas TX property. When deciding on a new front door there are many issues to take into account.

However, a new type of door is now availablev that is quite popular among the residents of Dallas TX. They are sturdy and safe, and can be aesthetically manipulated as you please. These doors are called composite doors. The frames are basically made of a few different materials and designed to ‘phase out’ all faults and flaws of single material front and back doors. Sounds too good to be true, right? As a result of meticulous planning and construction on the manufacturers side, these doors have a wide array of attractive benefits. Restore Your Door Dallas is a well recognized door supplier in Dallas TX, and you can contact its experts for advice and more comprehensive information. The benefits of composite doors include the following:

The solid composite sub-frame is typically around 1.7 inches thick and usually contains an outer coat of hardwood, providing a sturdy and rigid door frame.

The outer frame is mostly made of uPVC but can include galvanized steel supports around the edges for extra durability and stability.

The combination of materials gives the door high resistance to weathering and any weather-based damage you usually get with wooden doors such as twisting, warping or cracking. This is as a result of the additional material GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) that has a grained surface and makes the compose door resistant to denting as well. Therefore, door repair is required on fewer occasions.

The extra durability means that the door will never have to be painted. Unlike wooden doors that should be treated every five years. It is not prone to discoloration – so will require very little upkeep on your part. How many refinished doors do you have in your property? With composite, you won’t need to refinish your doors as often.

Composite doors are injected with an additional layer of thermal insulation that consists of a polyurethane foam core, that is also typically 100% CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) free – so you get a cozy, warm home and still help to care for the environment! Your door supplier will be able to advise on the type and advantages of these doors.

If you want your door to feature a glass insert, it is good to know that if broken or damaged it can be replaced quickly and easily without the necessity to remove the entire frame. Is there an easier door repair?

Composite doors come in a wide range of designs and colors to suit your house and the local neighborhood – so you never have to worry about it looking out of place or cheap. They can even be painted in ash grain or wood effects to match the exterior of your home.

Finally, your sturdy but aesthetically pleasing composite door is an excellent way to increase your home’s security. These doors are not only suitable for front or back entrances, but warehouses and garages too. You don’t have to worry about refinished doors anymore. You will have a door that will last for many years to come.

If you have any questions or would like a free estimate feel free to contact Restore Your Door Dallas at (214) 380-4154 .