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How Does a Front Door Lock Work?



Apr 22

How Does a Front Door Lock Work?

How Can Your Doors Installation Influence the Security of Your Home?

If you are not familiar with the types of doors and locks available on the market and need some doors installation help, you should consider calling a contractor you can trust. When it comes to locks and your home security, you cannot just work with any random contractor in Dallas, TX. You need a specialist who is recommended to you. For this reason, you can trust Restore Your Door Dallas without doubts.

This is the company which is the most recommended contractor in town, based on both online reviews and personal references. And today, we will share a few secrets about door locks with you! We will begin with a little bit of history. The Ancient Egyptians were the ones to invent the pin locks about 4,000 years ago. Romans later improved on the large wood pin locks of the Egyptians by making them out of bronze and iron, and reducing the size of the keys. To everyone’s amazement, the basic design of these locks is similar to the modern door locks which we use today.

So, here is how an ordinary front door pin-tumbler lock works:
Pins block rotation – Without a key in the lock the driver pins are pushed downwards by a set of springs, preventing the plug from rotating.
Pins lineup, plug rotates – The correct key will push the key pins up, making both the driver pins and key pins align with the edge of the plug, allowing the plug to rotate. The lock will open when that happens.
Pins do not line up – When an incorrect key is inserted, the key pins and driver pins do not align, preventing the plug from rotating.

Unfortunately, a lock would not always stop an intruder, as if the door is not a solid one he/she may just kick it and enter. If you buy the products of our company or book doors installation help from our professionals, you stand higher chances to secure your property. In order to receive more information about our solid doors or reliable locks, you can contact us at (214) 380-4154!

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