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High quality door repair by Restore Your Door Dallas in Dallas TX.

Proffesional door restoration services by Restore Your Door Dallas

Restore Your Door Dallas was founded in 1969 and since than thousands of customers in Dallas TX have relied us for the highest quality door products and services. Our door repair company is specialized in refinishing and restoring entrance doors. Our door welcomes our guests and creates their first impression. The door keeps us save and serves faithfully without much attention. One day comes a time when our door need to be repaired.

Call us on (214) 380-4154.
Address: 1403 N Carroll Ave Dallas, TX 75204

High quality door restoration services at a fair price!

door restoration serviceWhen using Restore Your Door Dallas you will receive professional door restoration service. Our company will provide you seven-to-ten day repairing and refinishing process which is the difference between us and the other companies. The traditional repairing processes use chemical strippers and oil based stains and varnishes which produce allergenic vapors. Our in-shop service eliminates the source of allergens in your home. We offer you quality process which is environmentally friendly and guarantee to be equal in quality to the original finis.

Excellent customer service, Techs arrived on time and completed job as scheduled. Their quality of workmanship and customer service was outstanding.

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If you order our services we will remove your door and will install high quality temporary one, until your is repaired. We will return in 7-10 days your newly refinished doors. After your door is repaired, it will be reinstalled and checked for a quality finish, fits and security. We specialize in complete door restoration and repair service. We are a family-owned business that specializes in wood door restoration service. We can polish the old hardware on your door to make it look like new again. As one of the leading door suppliers in Dallas, TX, we provide professional door repair of uncompromised quality.

Thousands of Unique Designs

door repair

We can say that Restore Your Door Dallas is one of the door suppliers Dallas TX could be proud. We provide to our customers more than 500 designs. The company offers to their clients single doors, single doors with side lights. We provide a five star door repair and door restore. We also supply double doors with and without side lights and transept lights. You can choose between different glass textures and colors. As a result, our customers can choose between a huge variety of door designs.

Why calling us

The door creates the first impression to your guests. It should look good and keep you save. The door repair can be a time consuming, frustrating and very messy process. Disposing of the original oil stain, polyurethane, chemical stripper and neutralizing wash in an environmentally safe way can be difficult. After you have repaired your door, there is a smell of curing polyurethane which can cause an allergic reaction from those afflicted with allergies.

If you’re tired of looking for a reliable doors installation service in Dallas, TX, you can count on us! Doors installation can be a difficult task. Improperly done it can damage the door, the glass within the door. You also can damage the hinges and frame of the door and more. Our advice is always to seek professional doors installation services.
We are now offering you great opportunities. Contact our door suppliers now at (214) 380-4154!

Please call us for more details on (214) 380-4154.

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